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An Literature of Advantages Re-Engineered /
Finger Jointed and Laminated Timber Products

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Finger Jointed and Laminated Process

It can be defined as the cultivation of many small pieces of wood into aesthetically  larger piece through careful engineering methodology and architectural freedom extricate.


The strength of finger jointed and laminated wood is stronger than the conventional dimensional lumber.

Less timber movement

Use of kiln dried timber that has less timber movement as compare to air dry timber.


The chances of warping and twisting is less on finger jointed and laminated timber.

Chemical Treatment

Use of chemical treated timber to prevent pesticide infections.


The pieces of finger jointed and laminated timber are straight and true. Any type of brow and crook absorbed in the wood joint.


It made up of small pieces of high-quality wood ensuring the end product is always better performance.

Mixed hardwoodNyatoh TimberKeranji Timber
Density750-1100kg/m3400 - 1075kg/m3770-1100kg/m3
MC content14-17%14-17%20% & up
Heat TreatmentKiln DryKiln DryAir Dry
Chemical TreatmentYesNoNo
Timber Movement
** bow
** Twist
** Cupping
LeastMildSmall percentage
Aesthetic featuresPainted Grade***VarnishedPaint / Varnish Grade
Suitable for Products
** Wooden door Sub-Frame
** Wooden door Main FrameYesYesYes
** ArchitraveYesYesNo
** Casing YesYesNo
** SkirtingYesYesNo
** Door leaf skeletonYesNoNo
** HandrailYesYesNo
**Other MouldingsYesYesNo

*** Veneer Wrapped or Vinyl Wrapped FJL products

It has all the advantages of FJL timber products. And overcome the disadvantages  Veneer wrapping or vinyl wrap the FJL timber products.

Products are more stable and steady in performance and in additional provide a wide variety of aesthetics furnishings options of wood veneers species or vinyl selections.  


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