Alwynn International (M)
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Specialised in Finger Jointed and Laminated Timber Products

Committed to a Sustainable Environment

Alwynn’s timber product is certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Part of our effort towards greater sustainability and environmental consciousness is sourcing approved materials from PEFC suppliers to be used in our products. Our Green Door product such as door frame, door leaf components and fire rated door are results of our ongoing effort that meets PEFC standards.

"Alwynn is committed to helping to maintaining or enhancing biodiversity and protecting ecologically essential forests"

Committed to a Sustainable Environment - Alywnn International

Things you should know about PEFC

01. What is PEFC?

PEFC is a voluntary, market-based instrument, implemented through two separate but linked processes: sustainable forest management certification and chain of custody certification.

02. What does it mean?

Sustainable forest management certification assures that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social, and economic requirements.

03. How It Work?

Chain of custody certification tracks forest-based products from sustainable sources to the final product. It demonstrates that each step of the supply chain is closely monitored through independent auditing to ensure that unsustainable sources are excluded.